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About Us

What We Do

We provide electrical contracting services that meet or exceed our clients’ requirements within budget, on schedule, and with minimal disruption. Our workers are highly trained, quality-oriented, and security-conscious.

Who We Are

Anthony Electric was founded in 1959. The nearly half-century of our existence has been a period of change and remarkable advancements. We focus on building long-term client relationships and continue to grow.

Why Choose Us?

Quality and Safety

Through client satisfaction surveys, project safety inspections, regular training, bench-marking and staff evaluations, we ensure the highest caliber of quality and safety.


We have an extensive and knowledgeable staff, most with over twenty years of experience. This valuable insight is shared with workers on a continuous basis.


Because of our commitment to clients, we have always maintained 24-hour emergency response capabilities. In times of need we are able to respond at a moment’s notice.

Trusted By


We understand that in today’s highly competitive marketplace, it is not enough to simply reduce costs or accelerate the rate at which the work is performed – it is necessary to accomplish both in order to succeed. In addition, there are a number of things we do on an ongoing basis to generate time and cost savings that can be passed on to you. Among them are the following:

We maintain a stable base of qualified employees, provide them with direction, train them on an ongoing basis, and encourage them to contribute to quality improvements and customer satisfaction. The result is work that is performed more efficiently, safer, and with less liability.

We instill in our employees our overall approach – especially that of “working behind the scenes” in its client’s facilities. The result is that we “work around” our clients. This approach, when coupled with extensive experience, allows us to be proactive, responsive, and flexible enough to meet the changing needs of clients.

We use pre-qualified subcontractors.

We make good use of the available technology to speed up the “information side” of a project, including communication and processing paperwork. The field is connected to the office with telephones, pagers, laptop computers, and an employee web site.


Leadership Team

Geno Pantleo

Vice President

Cell: (323) 353-1149


Russell Pantleo Jr.

Vice President

Cell: (323) 353-1156


Contact Us


(562) 941-6380


(562) 941-6382

Mailing Address:

10207 Freeman Avenue Santa Fe Springs, California 90670